自分なりに導き出した答えのひとつが、このTOKYO NEBUTAです。当イベントを通じて青森ねぶたの魅力を知り、本場青森に足を運んでいただく切欠となれれば嬉しく思います。また自分達の取組みが民間でも行える地方創生のひとつのヒントになれればこれ以上の喜びはありません。

プロデューサー 天毛伸一Facebook

It was in the summer of 2014. For the first time I participated in the Nebuta festival in Aomori. The place was surrounded by a heated atmosphere. Locals were shouting "Rassera" in tremendous excitement, and the sound of drums made men and women of all ages dance, in accordance with the whistle. In the midsummer of Aomori, I was truly impressed by the presence of such a wonderful festival.

And at the same time I thought that I wanted to convey this excitement,and I wanted more people to know the charm of Aomori Nebuta.

Among all the festivals across the country, Aomori Nebuta is the most renowned one. However, although everyone's heard of its name, few actually have participated. They do not even know what kind of festival it is. Put another way, the recognitions of its name far overwhelm actually experiencing it. How should I solve this problem?

The answer I come up with is TOKYO NEBUTA. I am glad if, through this event, you are to get a chance to go to Aomori to know the charm of Aomori Nebuta.

In addition, I’m grateful if you come up with any hint for the local creation that can be carried out even in the private sector. Producer Temmo ShinichiFacebook

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